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Hanoi urban railway lines Cat Linh - Ha Dong route is expected to put into operation in 2015

Updated: 15/5/2015 | 1:39:07 AM
Hanoi urban railway lines Cat Linh - Ha Dong was constructed and the entire route is expected to put into operation in 2015. From the investors, builders, to people's hopes are the capital when the railway was officially put into operation will help solve part of the travel needs of people from the west of Hanoi South into the city center, gradually reduce congestion, promote economic and social development.

Perspective of urban railway Cat Linh - Ha Dong
Moving up to 28,000 passengers / hour / direction, Urban railway Cat Linh - Ha Dong light railway is overhead (viaduct) to serve the public passenger transport with a length of 13.05 km. Investors project is Vietnam Railway Administration, the contractor is Group Co., Ltd. China Railway 6th Bureau. The service starts from the intersection area of Cat Linh - Vo. That is the area of urban passenger transit future of Hanoi, the connection between urban railway Cat Linh - Ha Dong railway Nhon - Hanoi BRT and rapid bus lines.

Railway Cat Linh-Ha Dong

From here, travel along the railway line separators Hao Nam Street, Royal Street Bridge, gateway to the Lang Thai Thinh I turn left along the To Lich River and continue along the median strip on Nguyen Trai Street, Ha Dong. The end of the line is a new bus station next to Ha Dong QL6. Full line has 12 stations in order are: Cat Linh - La Thanh - Vietnam Hanoi - Lang - National University - Belt 3 - Thanh Xuan 3 - old Ha Dong Bus Station - Ha Dong - La Khe - Van Khe and gas new Ha Dong Bus Station. Average distance between stations is 1 km. Depot Park is located in Phu Luong, Ha Dong district.

By design, operate trains on the route consists of four buildings (the first phase of operation), or 6 car (after the period of increased traffic) with carrying capacity of the maximum number of passengers on each trip can be up to over 1,700 people, number of seats is 156. The maximum speed the train is 80km / h travel speed 35km / h. Ship operators have daily time from 5h to 23h (18 hours with a maximum frequency of 2 minutes / trip). Maximum capacity transport 28,000 passengers / hour / direction. Expected that the entire commissioning works from 10/2014 to 6/2015 to 06.30.2015 and put into operation, official use.

Will be little impact to the population
Mr. Nguyen Van Sales, Deputy Director of Viet Nam Railways said far Depot Building (Center for Maintenance and Repair) and the entire route of Hanoi urban railway lines Cat Linh - Ha Dong has completed construction 11 public piers on the lake and Hoang Cau Da; initiated the construction of piers on Hao Nam completed construction on the Depo-duty road; is in progress on the piers of the La Khe - Ba La and handle soft ground in the area Depo 10/2011; general EPC contractor is completing the technical design bridges and overpasses Nhue belt 3 to the intersection under construction in the fourth quarter of 2011.

According to Sales, the area permanently occupied land of the project is 49.57 ha (including safety corridor from the edge of each party works out to 3 meters). The greatest difficulty in the construction of this project is due to bends at a cost of site clearance and large area. It's the bends in the terminal station of Cat Linh online. It was followed bends Lang - Hao Nam Lich River and Nguyen Trai Street; bends at Depot.
In Ha Dong district, which has so far cleared 95% of the area (22.3 ha of the total 23ha), and about 30 households completing the procedure for early removal. Private sector bends ward Thuong Dinh and Quang Thinh (Lane area Thai Thinh and Thai Thinh II I) not approved by the official station (station 3 floors) so we can not statistically how many households in these areas will be cleared. Initially, according to the plan 2-storey terminal will have about 600 households are affected, but if the 3-station plan is adopted, it will only have one third of households have clearance.

Safety, reduce congestion while maintaining the urban landscape

Recently, the State Council accepted the buildings examined in the field of railway works on high-Cat Linh - Ha Dong shows, vertical design, alignment works mostly go through inner city urban districts densely populated. Vertical of the whole project is designed under the plan overhead height clearance from the existing road surface to the bottom beam from 7m-9m high, except at intersections with regional ring road 3 is set designed under the plan beyond the railway bridges (clearance height near 14 m). In fact along the route there are many low-rise, so the height of architectural high route roughly twice the population along the route.

Many people said that the vertical line design as this may cause burning of urban space in the exploitation phase, noise and safety. Concerning this issue, Le Thanh Son, staff management of railway projects (a representative investor) states: Full line of 13.05 km long, completely on the high road was designed double, size 1.435mm, electrification, applies rules designed by Metro 5017-2003 GB of China, under grant number 8 earthquake.

On the operation and exploitation, will use information technology MSPT transmission, signal systems, control of international standard. The train control, protection, control board, ticket sales, ticket ... automatically. In addition, to prevent noise and vibration as well as ensure safety of running trains to ensure the landscape, rail will be welded together, the two rails are covered with soundproof panels higher than 2m. Including the intersection with the belt 3, when the railroad was designed road bridge beyond, it can not affect the population.

In fact, urban railway Cat Linh - Ha Dong is 2nd in line 8 urban railway in Hanoi has been planned. The project has important implications for the development of Transport as well as economic, social capital Hanoi. This was a unique project: Construction of traffic infrastructure associated with the transportation business, financial mechanisms unprecedented, new technology was first applied in Vietnam.

With these features, Vietnamese, urban railway transport capacity volume, safety, energy saving, low-land areas and environmentally friendly choice as a mode of transport public key in the big cities in the world.

Urban railway projects of Cat Linh - Ha Dong after completion will also play a pivotal role for public transport, together with rapid bus network would solve the basic problem of traffic congestion in the capital internal and strive to achieve the goal of public transport to meet the 35-45% travel needs of the people of the Capital.

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