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Train Journey through Vietnam

Updated: 27/3/2014 | 7:55:45 PM
Bustling cities, lip smacking delicacies, wonderful landscape, rich biodiversity, green mountains and impressive history nudges travellers towards Vietnam. Warm, energetic and welcoming inhabitants and presence of several interesting sights accentuate the travel experience.

Apart from its bustling cities Vietnam is home to an enchanting countryside which can best be explored on train journey across the country. Its efficient train network enables you to explore major cities in Vietnam. Here we reflect on major cities in Vietnam that could be explored on a train journey. With air-conditioned train services the guests can see the urban as well as rural areas as your train zips through the country.

Hanoi City

Hanoi the capital of Vietnam is the jumping off point for most of the tours in Vietnam. Tourists from across the globe board flights to Hanoi from where they can explore rest of the country via rail or road. The city blends old and new with a certain Chinese and French influences. With a wealth of historical and spiritual attractions the city is often referred as ‘the Paris of the orient’. The city is also a gastronomes’ delight; thanks to several restaurants serving local as well international cuisines.
Sapa is a small, beautiful town situated along the China border in northern Vietnam. The place is a hot favourite for its mesmeric surroundings and cultural diversity. Picturesque rice terraces, lush vegetation and presence of tribal population add beauty to this land. And tourists feel dragged towards this place.

Situated in Central Vietnam Hue has served as the former imperial capital. This historic city is linked to Ngyuyen Dynasty. Declared as a UNCESCO world heritage site the city teems with palaces, pagodas, temples and friendly people.

Da Nang:
Situated on the east coast in the central Vietnam, Da Nang is one of the most important cities in Vietnam. This third largest city in Vietnam situated halfway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The city is not at par with Hanoi and other major cities but it is home to several interesting sights that nudges travellers towards it.

Ho Chi Minh City
Formerly Saigon; Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and an important hub of commerce and culture. The emergence of Ho Chi Minh City as major metropolis has also fuelled the growth of the country that has survived nearly two decades of war. But beyond the neon-lit skyscrapers you will find a city teeming with timeless streets and pagodas. And you can see shopkeepers selling spices, baskets and other thing of everyday need.

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