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Why do you choose train travel in Vietnam?

Updated: 5/3/2014 | 11:30:11 PM
Traveling in Vietnam is best with train, this is because of a well-developed railway network, rail is widely known in this region due to its high quality services compared to other mode of transport below is a detailed information of why train traveling is best in Vietnam.

Train travel

• Rail network has less congestion as compared to other mode of transport, this is due to a well programed train traveling time table, this also greatly help passenger face out any inconvenience brought by lateness.
• By train one has less chances of corroding with tracks, this is made possible by the fact that railway line less cross the road and thus train and track are almost parallel.

• Traveling by train is more adventurous compared to any mode of transport in Vietnam; this is because railway line passes through local and interior places, thus giving someone from urban area to enjoy nature as he or she travels on countryside.

Fun and interactive
• One is assured of interacting with local friends traveling by train, this help one create new friend, which promote growth of national unity.

Comfortable for long distance
• Traveling by train is comfortable by train, compared to road this is because train provides services such as hotel, phone shop and sleeping sections, this gives one a feeling of home away from home as one travels.

• Train stick to a well scheduled time plan which helps in eliminating delay thus ensuring one arrives on time to his destination, train station are served by high skilled personnel who ensures deliverance of high quality services, to their client.

• Though traveling comfort is much determined by the class one is traveling in all classes are well managed and offers quality services, little difference is noted from one class to the other thus one has no regret of traveling in any of classes in Vietnam , for short journeys it is economical for one to travel in low class which is cheap and less comfortable, high class are equipped with soft seats , air conditioners carriages which are double-Decker, newly berths have flat screen which increase pleasure of one traveling in this class.
• Reunification express trains have air-conditioning, meant to make traveling more comfortable, train are drug free zone smoking is highly prohibited, this makes it comfortable and pollution free for none smokers, those rule are enjoyed by a large number.
• All train in Vietnam are equipped with toilet’s this make it comfortable for anyone in urge, this toilet are regularly cleaned to maintain high cleanliness standard.
• Ticket price include simple meals which are meant to make traveling more comfortable, one also has opportunity to buy from carts that ply aisles and as the train pulls into stations, these services give traveling by train an upper hand compared to other mode of transport thus traveling by train is best in Vietnam and one should use it to avoid road stress.

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