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General information of traveling on train

Updated: 7/4/2015 | 8:01:51 PM
Train is a very safe mode of transportation that can minimize fatigue when travelling. However, you need to pay attention to a few things when tour in Vietnam by train. Vietnamtraintravel.com is pleased to give some general considerations about train.

Buying tickets The first and the most important thing need to be done is buying a ticket. If you have scheduled a trip by train, you should buy tickets early to save costs. The early ticket purchase will also help you avoid the unwanted bad situations like run out of ticket or preferred seat If you go with a group of people, buy ticket early can help your group to stay together in one cabin, avoid being split up in different cabins.

Seating Seating on the train usually divided into the following categories: hard seat, hard seat with air-conditioning, air-conditioned soft chairs and beds. Each type of seats has a different price. You need to know the way to make appropriate choice of seats. Bed is the best choice for long journeys. With short journeys, most visitors usually choose soft seat. However, there are some people choose the hard chair for a wider seat and save money.

Train Travel In Vietnam

Food Cheap ticket normally does not include meal. So with the long journey, you can go to the train's kitchen (usually the last cabin) to buy food. This cabin usually serves fast food or instant food as porridge, noodles, potato chips... You can also buy food at train stations. If you want the best food, prepare it at home and bring with you.

Luggage It is a long distance between the station’s entrance and the train area so please arrange luggage that is easy to move. Bringing light and well-arranged luggage is also r easy for you to look after them on the train. Personal items should be put into a small bag which is convenience to use when needed, especially in long trips.

Clothing Please choose clothes which are light, soft and comfortable to sleep. You should also bring a scarf, which is very convenient to use for different purpose. For example, when experiencing sudden weather changes such as cold weather, you can also use it as pillows, or use it as blankets.

Moving on train Although railway transport is safer and more comfortable than travel by car but you cannot avoid the fatigue, discomfort caused by prolonged sitting. With long trips, sometimes you should move around and walk along the train, it can help you to contemplate scenery along the way or make some new friends. However, you should be wary of those who behave strangely.

Personal Hygiene Each train cabin is usually have only one toilet so it is usually overloaded or out of water. Set an alarm to wake up early and go to the bathroom or brush your teeth, you will not have to wait. When the train stops, the toilet system on train will be locked so you can use the toilet at the station which the train stops.

Shopping You should be careful with souvenirs or food, drinks which are sold by vendors. You should only buy food or drinks produced by famous brand.

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