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Vietnam: Its Most Favored Destinations and Ways to Get Around

Updated: 13/3/2014 | 7:00:58 AM
Vietnam - the tourists’ paradise in south eastern Asia, presents you a plethora of attractions. Be it the delightful bustle of the Mekong Delta in south or else the lush green rice fields of the north-the diverse natural beauty of the country leaves an indelible impression on you. So heading off for a fun trip to the beautiful south-east Asian country for the impending holiday season can actually turn out to be a great idea.

However before booking your tickets to fly business class, it would only be advisable to go through a quick list of must-check-out destinations of the country, months before you board the flight, so that you can plan your itinerary accordingly. Read on to find out about the top 4 destinations of Vietnam:

Halong Bay: Situated in the north of the country round a coastline stretching 120 kilometers, the Halong Bay is alternately known as the Bay of the Descending Dragons. Featuring several thousands of islands covered with dense jungle vegetation- the bay offers a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Some of the islands include lakes while the others have caves.

Ha Long Bay Travel

Hoi An: Hoi An is a fishing village located on the South China Sea coast. Often touted as the Venice of Vietnam, it has been serving as an international port- way back since the 16th century. The village makes for a delightful stopover with its Chinese-modeled stores and winding lanes.

Mui Ne: Let the expansive beauty of the dunes take your breath away. The tiny fishing village of the country has undergone meticulous developmental changes in the last 15 years and stands as one of the most visited tourist destinations of the country, today. Make sure you’re not leaving your trip incomplete without trying out wind and kind surfing here.

Mekong Delta: The Mekong delta region is situated in the southern part of the country where the famous Mekong River empties in to the sea. However, there is no reason to believe that you’re heading for a nondescript area that has nothing to offer in terms of visual delight. In fact, it’s a luxuriant region, covered with rice fields that yields around half of the country’s agricultural output.

Getting Around By Train Travel
Slowly emerging from its long war-ravaged history, Vietnam today has a well-established transport system. Besides the conventional mode of transport, like the railway and buses, you can avail the bicycle and motor cycle to traverse significant parts of the country.

The Vietnamese railway system covers a total distance of 2600 kilometers along the coast between Ha Noi and HCMC. It connects the capital with the northern towns. The railway authorities have upgraded the facilities and now the dining cars and sleeping berths are available on express trains. Though these trains might run slower than buses, they offer a more comfortable ride with more room (the buses are often jam-packed) and better views.

The country also boasts of a wide range of dirt-cheap buses that can take you to even the apparently remotest corners of the country as well. You won’t really be required to reserve your seats way prior to your journey, if you’re opting for the most popular services between cities and towns. However, if you’re scheduled to travel on a specific departure time, it would only be advisable that you book your tickets beforehand. Costs are mostly reasonable and negotiable.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also hire motorbikes from nearby cafes and bicycles from the hotels or travel agencies to get around Vietnam.

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